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Start a FUN Family Tradition with our Bespoke 'You've Been Egged!" Box... 

SURPRISE! YOU'VE BEEN EGGED! But don't panic, it's not what you think!! It's a fun way of spreading Easter Cheer to those you hold dear...with kindness and caramels!  


"What do we have here? A sweet surprise to make you grin from ear to ear.

A caramel treat, so smooth and sweet, Which someone special sent them?

We won't utter a PEEP! Egging is our way of saying Happy Spring! There's only one catch,

you must do the same thing! Don't let the kindness stop at your door,

spread more cheer to those you hold dear!  

Kindness shown, in a little way, Can brighten someone's entire day!"


 You've Been Egged! Box Includes:

  • 5oz Bag of our Orginal Salted Caramels with a wooden bunny pom-pom gift tag
  • You've Been Egged! Poem Card
  • Mini Easter Ballon ("Wack-A-Pack"-these are so much fun!)
  • Kindness Easter Egg with a vintage yellow chick & retro candy bracelet of childhood yore (Growing up,  the yellow chick and candy necklace were the most cherished items from my easter basket.  I hope they bring you joy too )
  • Whoppers Robin Eggs with a "Wishing You an Egg-cellent Easter" Tag ( Robin Eggs are my Dad's favorite Easter Candy, this is in honor of him ).
  • The sweetest little Gingham Felt bunny with a FERRERO bunny tail (My mama loves Ferrero Rocher, it's not Easter unless there is a bowl with Ferrero bunny tails on the kitchen table.)
  • Bunny Bait: Sprinkle this outside tonight, the moon will make it shine so bright. As the Easter Bunny hops and roams, this will guide him to your home.
  • Easter RAKS  Card: Random Acts of Kindness to brighten someone's day.
  • Easter Kindness Caramel with Card


I had so much FUN putting together this box of pure Easter Joy and Kindness! I hope it brings baskets full of Easter Joy to you and yours...

Stay Kind & Love More~Brooke


Salted Caramels: Our buttery, soft salted caramels melt in your mouth with a creamy goodness that will instantly convert you into a caramel aficionado (connoisseur, groupie, lover, etc.).Hand-harvested Swedish Sea Salt marries the sweet buttery caramel to create a perfect harmony of goodness. A soulmate pairing. A harmony so delightful, that a portion of sales goes to spreading kindness. Each bag contains a Caramel Act of Kindness to share with someone who needs a smile. Be the good…Eat More Caramel


Caramel Care: Our caramels are made fresh, to be enjoyed fresh! We don't believe in preservatives! Caramels are Perishable and should be consumed within 2 weeks of delivery and stored in an airtight container in the fridge to maintain freshness.


Gift Ordering: Please keep caramels in the fridge, until ready to gift. Local Pickup Ordering: Please remember that our caramels are made to order. We make them fresh to be enjoyed fresh! Please pickup caramels within 3 days of receiving an email notification that your order is ready for pickup.


Lead Time & Shipping: Because our caramels are made fresh, it may take us 2-4 business days to make, package, and deliver your caramels to the USPS for shipping. Please double-check your shipping address before placing your order. 

'You've Been Egged!' Box of Joy

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