Caramels for Dad! Fundraiser

My Dad had a stroke.
My strong, loving Dad.
My strong, always there for you Dad
is paralyzed on one side.
Every day is a struggle.
Every day is a battle.

He was released from the hospital
into a skilled nursing facility
for rehabilitation.
He has a long road to recovery.

I have no flowery words,
I feel a numbness in my soul.

My parents live paycheck to paycheck.
They have no savings.
They are givers,
Not takers.
They will never ask for help…

This passage is from a book
that I read to my Dad every night.
Its sweet musings have been
a balm to our weary souls….

“Everyone is a bit scared,” said the horse. “But we are less scared together.”
“What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” asked the boy.
“Help,” said the horse.
“When have you been at your strongest?” asked the boy.
“When I have dared to show my weakness.”
“Asking for help isn’t giving up,” said the horse. “It’s refusing to give up.”

I am asking for help. I refuse to give up on my strong, loving, always there for you Dad.
My dad LOVED my caramels.  He can’t enjoy them right now due to his paralysis and his difficulty in swallowing. You can enjoy them for him!

Bags of Original Salted Caramels
are available now on my website:
100% of the proceeds will be used to help
ease my parents’ heavy financial burdens.
Thank you for all the love, kindness,
and support you have showed us

Our original buttery, soft salted caramels melt in your mouth with a creamy goodness that will instantly convert you into a caramel aficionado (connoisseur, groupie, lover, etc.)


Hand-harvested Swedish Sea Salt marries the sweet buttery caramel to create a perfect harmony of goodness. A soulmate pairing. A harmony so delightful, that a portion of sales goes to spreading kindness. Each bag contains a (FREE) Caramel Act of Kindness to share with a friend! Be the good…Eat More Caramel


Caramel Care:  We recommend storing your caramels in an air-tight container in the fridge to maintain freshness.


Gift Ordering:  Please keep caramels in the fridge, until ready to gift, as to maintain freshness. We believe that preservatives do not belong in caramels!  Our caramels are best when fresh and should be consumed within two weeks of delivery.


Local Pickup Ordering:  Please remember that our caramels are made to order.  We make them fresh to be enjoyed fresh!   Please pickup caramels within 2 days of receiving an email notification that your order is ready for pickup.  


Lead Time & Shipping:   Because our caramels are made fresh, to be enjoyed fresh, it may take us 2-3 business days to make, package, and deliver your caramels to the USPS for shipping.  Please double-check your shipping address before placing your order.  If your caramels are returned, you will be responsible for the re-shipping fee.  


Bulk Discount Ordering:  If you are considering ordering more than 50 Bags, please e-mail us at for a bulk discount quote. We love special orders!

Original Salted Caramels

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