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Father's Day  Salted Caramels...give Dad what he really wants!  Bespoke Caramels for the win!!!

I love adding the little bespoke touch with the hand-made Happy Father's Day mustache gift tag.  It's the little things, happy smile. 


Caramel: Our buttery, soft salted caramels melt in your mouth with a creamy goodness that will instantly convert you into a caramel aficionado (connoisseur, groupie, lover, etc.).  Hand-harvested Swedish Sea Salt marries the sweet buttery caramel to create a perfect harmony of goodness. A soulmate pairing. A harmony so delightful, that a portion of sales goes to spreading kindness. Each bag contains a Caramel Act of Kindness to share with someone who needs a smile. Be the good…Eat More Caramel


Caramel Care: Our caramels are made fresh, to be enjoyed fresh!  We don't believe in preservatives! Caramels are Perishable and should be consumed within 2 weeks of delivery and stored in an airtight container in the fridge to maintain freshness. 


Gift Ordering:  Please keep caramels in the fridge, until ready to gift. 


Local Pickup Ordering:  Please remember that our caramels are made to order.  We make them fresh to be enjoyed fresh!   Please pickup caramels within 3 days of receiving an email notification that your order is ready for pickup.  


Lead Time & Shipping:   Because our caramels are made fresh, it may take us 4-6 business days to make, package, and deliver your caramels to the USPS for shipping.  Please double-check your shipping address before placing your order.  

Father's Day Caramels

  • All Father's Day caramels will be shipped out June 11th.

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